"Christine has during 2012 been running our change process regarding employee engagement. She has developed a new process and embedded operations with management, supervisors and employees. Due to the solid anchoring in the organization, the staff survey response rate has increased by 8.3% and exceeded it’s target of 94%. Christine's energy and positive attitude will be very helpful in our analysis and our ongoing dialogue with managers and employees as we prepare specific action plans based on employee feedback from the Employee survey results."


Johan Hedensiö, CEO SOS Alarm AB Sweden


"Christine is an inspiring, encouraging and professional coach. Christine has the ability to both inspire, challenge and bring out the best in me which has developed me both at work and in private. Christine is very creative in her thinking which gave me new approaches and solutions to my area of focus. Christine has the ability to focus on my strengths and assets with a focus on alternative solutions which gave me confidence that I could achieve my goals regardless of strategy. Christine made me go outside my "comfort zone" and to take the leap forward that I had lacked the courage to do and which meant that I won my hearing and reached my goal. Thank you Christine for the being an amazing coach and for what you helped me to accomplish! "


Lena Söderberg, Business Development Manager / Göteborgs Kex AB


"The combination of Christine’s energy, enthusiasm, analytical ability and depth makes her a successful coach. One of Christine's strengths is the ability to identify the most relevant information that emerges from our conversations.  I have learned a lot about myself and have really been looking forward to every meeting!"


Tove, inhouse legal counsel for an insurance company


"I came into contact with Christine when I needed inspiration and new ideas to develop my leadership role, and to develop my personal goals. After meeting Christine regularly for a time, I feel that I have evolved a lot in my leadership role. Christine dared to challenge me and make me think again. She also made me realize the importance of setting higher goals for my personal results and my team - and it has yielded great dividends!Christine is a very professional and competent coach, and she has been a big help in my development. I would love to recommend Christine should you want to develop further.."


Pernilla Håkansson, Senior Sales Director


"I had the privilege of working with Christine for three years at Nordic Legal Dept of GE Capital, and she was a very valued colleague. Christine always strived to exceed the requirements of both internal and external customers.  Besides her role as a lawyer. Christine worked with the Six Sigma methodology and ran several business-related projects."


Per Westerberg, Vice President, Head of Legal, DHL Nordic & Baltic Region

"A genuine, competent and joyful leader."

Ronald Krantz,
Production Area Manager, SOS Alarm AB Sweden

"Christine's positive attitude and energy will be very helpful in our analysis."

Johan Hedensiö,

CEO of SOS Alarm AB Sweden



"Christine is focused and results oriented with her heart in the right place.  In the integration of Sveland Sakförsäkringar she turned problems into challenges, whilst managing to motivate and engage employees."

Henrik Gunolf,

Head of Corporate, Sweden, Trygg-Hansa 



"Christine engages all participants and successfully structures all issues in a clear and focused way. After a WS that Christine facilitated, we could continue our change process in a much more efficient manner, and we reached the target on time."


Vibeke Krag,

CEO Codan Insurance A/S
and General Counsel, RSA Scandinavia