Find Solutions New Year Cards 2013/2014.
"Reflection is the foundation
for sustainable success."

 Find Solutions New Year Cards 2012/2013.
"The future is the only period in life t
hat we can influence."

Right now...

Spring 2014

During the spring, Find Solutions has increased the toolbox with a PCC training - and an interesting approach to setting goals - Goal Mapping.

What happened in 2013?  
Find Solutions in 2013 conducted several change projects and handled many challenges that cropped up on the way towards the goals. Thanks to clear goal setting and a coaching approach, the change projects have resulted in a sustainable result.

Find Solutions has also helped several management teams and individuals to identify goals and has supported them on the journey towards the goal. In addition to the Pathfinder model,  Find Solutions also offers a tool to measure the groups' effectiveness - GDQ.

Spring 2013
Christine was recently certified in the Susan Wheelan GDQ tools, a simple way to measure a group's effectiveness.

Christine has run from the start, a project at a large Swedish company that includes both strategy and operational work. In the project, Christine engages employees and managers to ensure that the result is anchored throughout the project.

In addition to this work Christine continues with several coaching clients.



In spring and autumn 2012
Christine runs since March 2012 an employee engagement project at a Swedish company with 750 employees. In the project, Christine works with the business to create a focus on employee engagement and developing new processes. The project is now implemented successfully.


Thoughts and Tips...

GDQ - Group Development Questionnaire
As a certified practitioner of the Susan Wheelan GDQ programme, Christine can help you develop your group. The process uses the GDQ tool to measure your teams effectiveness. In presenting the results, your group reviews the development theories and Christine facilitates the group in creating an action plan with a focus on reaching Stage 4 - the most productive phase of a group. After an appropriate period of time determined together with you – Christine offers a follow-up survey to see if the activities in the Action Plan have been successful.

"Train the trainer"

In March, Christine trained twenty managers facing a major change with their employees. Christine applied the "train the trainers" concept successfully.



Imagine working with both right and left brain when you set goals. Curious? .... after a wonderful day, I have now been trained to set goals where the written word is complimented by drawings and pictures. Very interesting. This method is used by companies including Microsoft and I'm curious to see how it will work in my business and how it can help me in my work with clients.


Investment in employees ...

A quote that has been circulated on Linkedin is worth to be repeated: "CFO asks CEO" What happens if we invest in Developing our people & then They leave us?"  CEO:" What happens if we do not and they stay? "  It is incredibly important to have a genuine interest in employees and their development.  Investment can be done in several ways: courses, development programs, coaching, external support in the development of processes, etc. ....


Change management

For success in any change, it is incredibly important to engage employees and talk openly about any obstacles that may arise in the process of change.

Value system works
Value-based work can be strenuous and requires great patience from management. When one begins to wonder if the change process can really give any result, it is great to hear from the organization: "Today we worked on our core values and there were so many recent occasions where we could have the benefit of core values."



It is fantastic and wonderful to see people evolve. In my role as a coach, I have the pleasure to meet many people and work with them. Early meetings can be a little tentative but it is incredibly fun and interesting when you see the development with a customer and you also see that the business develops - doubled sales in a year ...