The Analysis phase involves:

  • Review and analysis of existing materials / documents
  • Evaluation of your existing culture
  •  Identification of key personnel for facilitating a true buy-in and implementation
  • In-depth interviews with key personnel
  • Identification of a reference group and steering committee
  • Definition of KPI’s for current reviews
  • Planning of resources
  • Challenging the managers’, leaders’ and key personnel committement to change




In the Direction stage, Find Solutions works with:

  • SWOT analysis to identify the best path
  • Design of efficient structures for the desired change, including continuous feedback to ensure change is embraced at all levels
  • Establishing decision making materials
  • Workshops for management to facilitate it’s decision





In the acceptance phase Find Solutions focuses on:

  • In-depth interviews with key personnel to establish change champions
  • Identify and train change champions
  • Management meeting and the creation of a communication package to leaders and employees
  • Communication Plan, in collaboration with the Communications Department



In the implementation phase Find Solutions focuses on:

  • Frequent meetings with team leaders and change champions
  • Ongoing support to leaders and managers to secure their active role in the change
  • Transparent and crisp follow up to leadership
  • Engage employees by facilitating ongoing dialogues between managers and employees
  • Individual support and coaching to managers
  • Quickly redirect employees and managers who are lost
  • Effective project management to maintain speed and secure delivery at every step in the change process


Follow up


In the follow-up phase Find Solutions addresses:

  • Production of a scorecard including pre-defined indicators
  • A workshop with managemant to review ”Lessons Learned” and how the organisation should embrace and accept change




Feedback is managed throughout the process. It involves:

  • Frequent feedback and cascading to all involved personnel and managers, adjusting the process where necessary
  •  Frequent support to leaders and employees, individual coaching or coaching in groups
  • Ensure that leaders and employees are kept informed to secure their true engagement
  •  Celebrate success