Methods to achieve sustainable results

Path Finder

In the change process Find Solutions applies a structured and efficient method - Pathfinder. The method includes five main steps: analysis, direction, acceptance, implementation and follow up. One of the keys to success in a change process is to maintain the commitment at all levels of the company. That is why feedback is found in every step in the Pathfinder method.

Depending on how far your business has come in the change process, Find Solutions can apply all or part of Pathfinders’ different steps.

Throughout the process of change Find Solutions advocates a coaching approach. Many of the solutions are already in your business but by applying Pathfinder and a coaching approach, we can find solutions that deliver sustainable results.

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Find Solutions also offers coaching to individuals – primarily in a customized program that is established together with your company. This can for example be applicable when your company has undergone a change but "the new" has not yet settled. To offer coaching to managers and individuals in a customized program is an effective way to ensure the desired results will be permanent.


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Goal Mapping

An important component of change management is the ability to set goals and get everyone in the team to steer towards the common goal. To assist in this effort, Find Solutions works with an effective technique that Brian Mayne has developed. The model is called Goal Mapping – by activating both left and right brain, also the subconscius is steered towards the goal. Goal Mapping is also used in personal development.

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Find Solutions offers group development using the Susan Wheelan research-based group development questionnaire - GDQ. By applying this tool, your team's productivity is measured. Presentation of the GDQ results are combined with group development theories and creation of a group action plan. The activities in the action plan lead to create a more efficient and productive group.

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