News - Train the mind and the body at the same time!

Do you have something you want to improve or change in your current working position or in your personal life and at the same time get some fresh air? Right now, Find Solutions offers a coaching program where you receive individual coaching 6 times. During 45 minutes you can be out walking and receive professional telephone coaching by Christine. Easy and simple!

Do not hesitate to contact Find Solutions for more information and book an open ended meeting to discuss your needs.


Your customers benefit from employees' personal development!


Employees who achieve their full potential will deliver a better customer experience.

Through an individual coaching program created in consultation with the company, Christine can challange and develop the employees in your company.

In coaching conversations the employee will see new solutions, new ways of working and be challenged on its traditional behaviors.

Christine creates customized coaching programs where she advocates proactive coaching, ie to see coaching as a way to develop the individual's full potential and not just to solve problem situations.

Christine can also provide support to HR managers who may need a sparring partner to develop new ideas in the company's HR processes.


Reaching the desired outcome - faster
Coaching is all about a transfer from "now" to a "desired outcome". It is a process that helps the individual to reach a goal faster and more efficient.


Starts with the individual
Coaching starts with the individual and consider what it needs the most for its development. Using powerful questions, the individuals will be helpt by identify and develop strategies and plans to reach their goals faster.